Financial consumers educate themselves, discover, explore and finally buy.
The customer journey for financial products takes place across multiple channels and touch points, where financial consumers educate themselves, discover, explore and finally buy. However, that is just the beginning. Once a financial consumer begins a relationship with a financial institution, that cycle can repeat itself again and again.

Once a financial relationship begins, it can continue in social channels, through direct communications, and in your daily customer interactions.

How you educate financial consumers in each of these stages and channels will help determine your success and whether you can add a new customer, grow your relationship with them and retain their business.

Most of these interactions have a financial education component. Moreover, the quality, tone, and focus of your financial education content will determine if financial consumers engage with you further; whether that engagement drives discovery and if that discovery encourages exploration.

Finding New Customers

AdviceSite can help you gain new customers through a combination of additional website and branch traffic and then by increasing the conversion rate for the traffic that visits your website or walks into your branch.

AdviceSite can help you generate more website and branch traffic by:

  • Higher visibility for brand, direct marketing and other marketing campaigns
  • Referrals from social sharing of AdviceSite content

AdviceSite can help you generate improved conversion rates by:

  • Providing a superior content experience that encourages repeat visits
  • Answering key questions that need to be answered before conversion
  • Converting your calls to action as the content is reviewed
  • Building consumer trust in your organization

Expanding Relationships

AdviceSite can help you grow share of wallet by improving your ability to engage with existing customers in a more meaningful manner. Engagement can take place through traditional marketing campaigns, in social channels, and in electronic communications. By providing AdviceSite content within these marketing programs, you can give existing customers meaningful, helpful content, while also making them aware of products related to that content.

AdviceSite content is most useful in social channels and email, the digital channels where articles, calculators, polls, and quizzes can be easily shared and consumed by interested customers. The presence of AdviceSite content on your website also will give your customers additional reasons to visit your site.

AdviceSite can help you increase your upsell rates by driving discovery of financial needs using:

  • Educational content on social media
  • Shared content in email campaigns and newsletters
  • Encouraging repeat visits to your website

Customer Retention

AdviceSite can impact customer retention rates by increasing the value that customers place on their relationship with you. The brand equity gained by an increased focus on partnership and providing content that can help your customers make better financial decisions can help build deeper relationships that will be more difficult for your customers to break.

AdviceSite content can help you decrease your attrition rates by:

  • Uncovering customer service issues and opportunities.
  • Helping customers gain more from the products and services they use.
  • Increasing the trustworthiness of your financial brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does AdviceSite cost?

AdviceSite is available in a Personal Finance Edition and a Premium Edition, which includes our Small Business content. You can license either edition of AdviceSite on either a one, two or three-year term. Actual pricing is dependent on the asset size of your financial institution. AdviceSite also includes our entire suite of personal finance and business Financial Calculators that we offer, so those are not additive to your total cost.

Please complete the Schedule an Online Meeting form and provide details about your organization and we can provide specific pricing information and a detailed AdviceSite proposal.

Is your content appropriate for a bank or credit union?

Yes. Our content is 'compliance-friendly.' We develop our content specifically for inclusion into bank and credit union websites and believe that a different editorial standard exists for those types of sites vs. standard third party financial websites. We review and edit all content before releasing it with a financial website compliance hat on!

How frequently is AdviceSite content updated?

We add new content to AdviceSite on a quarterly basis. Those new content additions typically include 10 to 12 new articles. We welcome input from AdviceSite licensees on topics of interest and maintain our own list from an editorial development perspective.

In addition to our quarterly content additions, we also go through an annual review of all AdviceSite and update content, where appropriate, to keep it fresh, accurate and relevant to current market conditions.

Do you work with digital agencies?

Yes! We love to partner with digital agencies to provide great financial education experiences for your client's new website projects. And if you bring us a new customer, we'll provide a 15% referral bonus for the initial value of the license agreement.

How long is the implementation process for AdviceSite?

Most implementations of AdviceSite typically run between six and eight weeks. Fintactix works closely with your marketing and/or design team to faithfully match the design and layout of your website. The work involved on our end typically requires four weeks of effort. The added time is typically taken up by your provisioning of design requirements and review of the implementation.

Is this a hosted solution or software I have to install?

AdviceSite is a hosted solution. We host our products through a third party hosting provider in a state of the art facility in Tampa, FL. The data center has N+1 redundancy throughout, including multiple HVAC systems and redundant power. Every month, the backup diesel generators are tested to make sure they are in proper functioning order in case of power grid failure. The data center’s physical security is supported by 24/7×365 live monitoring, CCTV, and biometric access control system. The SOC 1 Report for this facility is available for review under non-disclosure.

How is AdviceSite typically deployed?

AdviceSite is typically implemented as a microsite delivered off of our customer's primary domain (i.e., With our microsite implementation customers have little need for IT involvement and little continued site maintenance. Most of the 'heavy lifting' is handled by Fintactix. The only ongoing support required is for content approval and editing.

However, Fintactix also has a 'frames' version of AdviceSite available that deploys each piece of content on a unique URL. Using this version, customers use iframe tags to integrate individual pieces of content into their web pages. Using this method, customers assume responsibility for each page set up, navigation changes and other functional elements that are a standard part of our microsite implementation.

Schedule an Online Meeting

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you one-on-one via Webex to discuss your financial education and/or financial calculator needs and to provide an in-depth overview of Fintactix products. If you would fill out the form below, we'll be in touch to set up a meeting at a convenient time.