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Create Positive Engagements with Financial Education Content

As you reach out to existing customers and potential new ones via digital or traditional media, its important that communications create positive engagements that drive discovery, either by introducing new financial education topics to existing customers or by helping those customers get the most out of their financial products.

Your marketing outreach initiatives, either via direct mail, email, or outbound call center or branch associate calls need to build relationship value as well as yield sales results. Effectiveness in these channels will create cross-sell opportunities and improve customer retention.

Promote Content of Interest

Including financial education content in your outbound marketing campaigns that is meaningful and engaging to your customers will encourage discovery and exploration and make it more likely that your sales pitch will succeed. Marketing messages that contain helpful educational content will be more well-received, allowing you to communicate with higher frequency.

Build Knowledge and Product Value

New account onboarding campaigns help customers get the most out of their financial products. Including additional related financial education content that encourages customers to become more knowledgeable on their finances can help them get greater value from those products. They also make the customer more open to cross-sell opportunities.

Encourage Discovery

Whether marketing campaigns are driven by your data analytics, transactions or product purchases, part of the emphasis should always be in keeping the education, engagement, discovery and exploration cycle moving forward so that your relationship with each customer can continue to grow.