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Financial Consumers Will Often Search on Financial Topics, not Products

Search engine users often search directly for specific financial products using terms that will find your product information. But other times, users will use educational, need, goal or problem based language in their search that will get answered by listings focused on financial education rather than specific product offerings.

Search engines are a valuable tool in helping banks and credit unions acquire new customers. But since most banks and credit unions offer similar products, relying on product keywords to drive website traffic will yield limited results because of the competitive environment for listings.

Educational, needs or goal-based content

A differentiating approach to receive search engine traffic is to host educational content that draws users who use problem or goal based terminology in their search entries. This is a less competitive space that only financial providers who provide a wide-range of educational and personal finance oriented content can play in.

Engage online

Just as important as getting traffic to your site is what happens when visitors arrive. Having educational content that is easy to find and engaging is equally important. Keeping visitors on your site instead of bouncing to the next listing on their search results will not only keep financial consumers from doing business with a competitor, it will improve your online conversion rates and sales growth.

Drive to next step

Closing the deal requires that you get questions answered and make your visitors comfortable with the subject area they are researching. Lead them to products and services that are applicable to their needs through calls to action and next steps. And keep content handy that will help when additional questions arise.