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Social Media

Social Channels Are About Helping, Not Selling.

Social channels are about helping, not selling. Sharing educational content that is meaningful to social audiences will help build your social presence and spark discussions. Those discussions can stimulate exploration and discovery for financial consumers as they start to consider their own finances or financial goals.

Customers that have welcomed you into their social circles by 'liking' you on Facebook or following you on Twitter do so with the understanding that it isn't an invitation to a continuous sales pitch, but an opportunity for you to share information that they might find meaningful.

Helping, Not Selling

Social channels are about helping, not selling. So more than any other marketing channel, your Facebook page or Twitter feed should be focused on providing information and educational content that keeps your customers informed and knowledgable about their financial life.

Build Social Audiences

If you follow the basic tenets of the social channels and provide content that is engaging, informational and educational, you'll build an audience as well as advocates for your brand. A strong social audience will help you grow share of wallet and retain existing customers. But it will take a good sized library of meaningful content to drive that engine.

Magnify Your Social Voice

Content on your website that is socially-shareable allows your site visitors to share your content with their social network. Your brand advocates will share or tweet content they find valuable and magnify your voice to their friends and followers.

Mine Social Comments for Opportunities

As your social audiences grow, you'll collect comments on your posts. Some of those comments will be positive, some will be negative. But almost all of them will provide you with a chance to engage your followers with customer service or sales opportunities that can be mined for follow-up.