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Financial Websites are the First Opportunity to Engage Financial Consumers in a Meaningful Way

Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer to go online to look for financial products, even though most still go to the branch to complete their transactions. A key ‘path to purchase’ stop is the financial education consumers undertake to assess their needs and identify solutions that are best to help them reach their goals.

With most financial product research beginning online, financial websites are often the first opportunity that providers have to engage consumers in a meaningful way. But financial product research is often more than assessing the different features and benefits offered for different account or loan options. There is financial education, needs analysis and a 'best for me' assessment that is often part of the process. That's where financial education content comes in.

Support the Decision Process

Financial websites need to support the decision process of financial consumers as they journey through the consideration process. That means that both product information and educational information be available so that potential customers can both review options and assess their needs.

Educate, Answer Key Questions

Helping financial consumers assess their needs and determine what is 'best for me' is a key part of the financial consideration process. Making that process engaging with financial education content that is visually accessible and easy to understand will stimulate the discovery and exploration process that needs to be completed before a potential customer is willing to hit that 'apply now' button or walk into a branch to open an account or complete a transaction.

Offer Next Steps, Calls to Action

As educational content is consumed, it's important to direct your web visitors to where they should go next. That might be pointing them towards areas where additional related content might be found as well as showing them where to go to take the next step in their consideration process.

Support Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Today, the "Web" is far more than access provided via a computer and monitor. Financial education content needs to be accessible and adaptive to the device that consumers wish to access it from, whether that be a desktop system, tablet or mobile device.