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A Financial Education Solution that Provides Articles, Calculators, Polls and Quizzes

AdviceSite is a financial education solution that provides articles, calculators, online polls and interactive quizzes on a wide range of personal finance and small business topics. AdviceSite allows you to integrate calls to action to transition financial consumers from the education process into the purchase process and your sales funnel.

As financial consumers plan purchases, construct family budgets, save towards goals and manage their finances, they engage with family and friends, as well as meaningful and trustworthy content and advice, to help them frame their options, decision criteria and the path to purchase.

AdviceSite allows financial marketers to engage financial consumers as they move through this process with the type of financial educational content, calculators, quizzes and social engagement tools that help nurture a smarter financial relationship and get financial consumers to become ‘ready to buy’.

For financial consumers who have moved sufficiently down their path to purchase, AdviceSite provides the ability to introduce product information, calls to action and lead generation functionality that moves consumers further down the decision-making process, starts them listening to your product pitch and migrates them into your sales funnel.

AdviceSite is delivered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis via a highly customizable microsite that can be configured and themed to match each customer’s style guide requirements and branding standards. The microsite is adaptive to specific device types, allowing information and content to be accessed by desktop, tablet or mobile users.

AdviceSite Content

The AdviceSite financial education solution provides articles, interactive polls, online quizzes and financial calculators, covering a broad range of financial topics, including:

  • Credit and Debt
  • Home Ownership
  • Family Finances
  • Retirement
  • Money Management
  • Paying for College
  • Workplace Finances
  • Small Business
  • Each major content category is further broken down into two to five sub-categories that are accessible from AdviceSite’s main menu.

    Content Features

    Articles, polls, quizzes and financial calculators featured in AdviceSite support a wide-range of features that improve usability, engagement and branding.

    Social Sharing. All articles, polls, quizzes and financial tools are socially shareable on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Content Rating. Users can rate each article, poll, quiz or financial tool available on AdviceSite so that others can identify content that has been found to be of value to others.

    Custom Content Hosting. AdviceSite supports the ability for customers to add their own educational content to any of the supported subject areas or required custom subject areas.

    Lead Nurturing, Calls to Action and Lead Generation

    Integrate Your Website Content. AdviceSite has been designed to integrate customer content, including headers, footers, site navigation and other key branding elements.

    Feature Your Products and Promotions. Content pages of AdviceSite can host product or promotional content, including links to product pages, rate tables or other information that can introduce your offerings.

    Drive Calls to Action. Drive financial consumers who are ‘ready to buy’ to application pages, branch locators or specific sales personnel.

    Capture Leads and Interest. Integrated lead capture forms can deliver solid leads into your contact center or sales channel.

    AdviceSite Framework

    AdviceSite is implemented on top of a feature-rich, open-source Content Management System that supports a broad range of functionality. Each customer implementation is delivered via a separately controllable microsite implementation, permitting the ability to create a unique style, look and feel to match the desired brand experience.

    Image-Tile User Interface. AdviceSite utilizes jQuery Masonry to deliver an intuitive tile-based user interface which allows users to visually page through available content.

    Layout Control. AdviceSite is built on a 960px grid system, with ‘content zones’ that can be custom-configured in terms of grid width and layout position.

    Design Control. AdviceSite designs are implemented via standard CSS Stylesheets. From a style and design perspective, web designers should feel free to create AdviceSite design concepts that can be implemented via standard CSS Stylesheet methods.

    Stock Photography. AdviceSite content features stock images that are displayed within the Image-tile User Interface and on each content node.

    Iconography. AdviceSite content uses a unique icon to identify content type and subject area. Customers can use standard AdviceSite icons or supply their own.

    Content Tagging. AdviceSite uses content tagging for each article, poll, quiz and financial tool that designates the specific subject area that the piece of content is applicable to.

    Content Review, Editing and Publishing. Designated customer personnel are provided login privileges and can access AdviceSite content for editing and publishing purposes.

    Adaptive Design. AdviceSite is built on an adaptive-design template that adjusts the form and format of the layout based on the screen-size and device that content is being displayed on.

    Build Trust and Consumer Knowledge

    According to the 2017 Annual Global Study conducted by the Edelman Trust Barometer, trust levels in U.S. Banks has bounded forward from 2008 and now sits at 60%. At the same time, consumer knowledge of personal finance continues to lag. In the most recent 2017 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 4 in 5 adults (80%) admit they could benefit from additional advice and answers to everyday financial questions and 43% of adults give themselves a grade of C, D, or F on their knowledge of personal finance.

    AdviceSite allows you to keep website visitors on your site to research financial issues. You build trust and reinforce your brand, while your website visitors benefit from an expanded base of personal finance knowledge. And as they visit AdviceSite content, your website visitors can share that content on their favorite social network with their friends, family and followers.