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Financial Calculators

A Broad Range of Calculator Categories to Meet Your Bank or Credit Union Needs

Fintactix Financial Calculators feature slider-based controls and infographic results. With the highly-interactive Fintactix user interface, financial consumers can explore topics in greater depth and with a higher level of engagement. Fintactix Financial Calculators can be customized to meet the design standards of your website.

Fintactix Financial Calculators help financial consumers answer their most pressing financial questions and are typically integrated into a bank or credit union web site so that those questions can be answered as the financial consumer moves through their purchase process. Fintactix Financial Calculators cover a variety of subject areas:

  • Auto
  • Debt
  • Mortgage
  • Budget
  • Home Equity
  • Business Finance
  • Savings
  • Business Management
  • Retirement
  • Business Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Adaptive Design Template for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Display

    Fintactix Financial Calculators are available in a adaptive-design template that allows the tools to reformat and display to fit the device and screen format of the user. Desktop, tablet and smart phone users all have full access to Fintactix Financial Calculators from your standard or mobile website. Fintactix Financial Calculators support different design implementations for global, narrow, normal and wide screen formats.

    Slider-Based Input Controls

    Each user input supports an individual slider-based control that appears when the user mouses-over the specific field and disappears once the user leaves it. Using sliders, financial consumers can watch the results change as they move the slider, which gives them a better understanding of how that particular variable is impacting results. All slider ranges can be easily customized to suit your customer or member population.

    Infographic Results

    All Fintactix Financial Calculators feature dynamic, high-impact graphics that update automatically as calculation results change. Results are visually presented and feature mouse-over tooltips to see the specific numerical result. Users can also click on individual legend items to remove and add-back a specific data element.

    Client-Side Calculations

    All financial calculations are performed in the browser of the user, so that results immediately update as a variable is changed. There’s no need to hit a ‘calculate’ button. No need to wait for the inputs to be sent to a remote server so that results can be returned. The impact of a change is known instantly.

    Advanced Theming

    Fintactix Financial Calculators can be customized graphically to match your brand identity and editorially to match the voice you use with your customers or members. All financial calculator elements have individual IDs and are assigned classes for common elements so that web designers can use standard CSS practices to easily customize the design of a specific tool or implement a common design across all tools. Editorial content such as tool descriptions, input labels, tooltips and results text can be customized based on your marketing or compliance department needs.

    Webform and Email Integration

    Implementing lead forms on your Financial Calculators can be done using your custom requirements, capturing required or optional information that can help you with lead routing or delivering information requests into the appropriate email inbox. Emails can be sent in HTML format, complete with your branding, content and promotional messaging. Multiple use cases are supported:

    • Lead Generation. Visitors to your website are using financial tools because they have questions regarding their financial needs or how financial products can be used to meet their needs. By adding customizable lead forms to your Fintactix Financial Calculators you can allow financial consumers to email your contact centers, product specialists or financial education departments with their questions, comments and contact information. At best, you have a qualified sales lead and at worst you have a customer service opportunity.

    • Forward to a Friend or Advisor. As financial consumers use financial tools, they often wish to share tool results with those they trust. Financial Calculators support the ability to forward tool inputs and results to a designated email recipient, along with comments or a message. The tool user can get a copy for themselves as well. Tool inputs and results are delivered via highly customize-able HTML emails that can also be setup to promote your brand or related products.

    Calls to Action

    Because Financial Calculators tend to be used by website visitors who are in the middle of financial product research, Fintactix Financial Calculators support the ability to integrate Calls to Action within the tool template that drive traffic to key conversion areas of your website such as application pages, branch location information or to information used to complete the research process, such as product or rate pages. Users can put different Calls to Action on each individual financial tool or across specific tool categories.

    No Flash, No Applets

    All financial calculator content is generated in the user’s browser using standard HTML and controlled through standard CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. There are no requirements for Flash or other applets that need to be downloaded for the tool to run. As a result the code footprint for Financial Calculators is small, making page loads fast.

    Custom Tools

    While our Financial Calculators address a wide array of financial topics, often times opportunities arise for new financial products, regulations or best practices to drive new tool development. Fintactix can work with you on custom financial tool development, including creating new financial experiences for financial consumers who visit your website. Fintactix has the ability to handle both the creative and development aspects of any project.