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Customer Retention

Build Trust and Help Customers Get the Most Out of Their Financial Products

Ongoing and open communication is key to any relationship. That includes the relationship customers have with their bank or credit union. Through increased use of financial education content in marketing programs you add value to the financial relationship, build trust and help customers get the most out of their financial products.

In addition to the brand equity gained by an increased focus on partnership and providing educational content that can help your customers make better financial decisions, great financial education content can help build deeper relationships that will make it more difficult for your customers to sever. Additionally, using educational content to engage existing customers provides a number of benefits.

New Account Onboarding

As consumers open new accounts or take out new loans, they'll look to get the most value from them. Combining educational content with new account onboarding campaigns is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and engage customers with content they'll find helpful and meaningful.

Creating Customer Service Opportunities

Each time you reach out to an existing customer, you have an opportunity to prove your customer service credentials. Using educational content that is relevant to the customer's product or service as a reason for outreach is an opportunity to identify any issues and address problems that may have gone otherwise uncovered. And since financial education content is most often seen as helpful, you can increase the frequency of customer contact without overloading them with sales pitches.

Reviewing and Responding to Feedback

Social channels provide a great opportunity to identify potential customer issues that may impact the overall relationship. As you post links to financial education content on Facebook or Twitter, the resulting comments will often reveal issues (or opportunities) in regards to your customers. Consistently reviewing and engaging customers in these channels can help resolve issues and reduce account attrition.