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Financial Education Investments Pay Back from Educated Consumers Getting Strong Value from Their Relationship With You

Generating a return on financial education investments comes from increased traffic, higher conversion rates, upsell from engaging customers with educational content that encourages exploration and discovery and lower attrition rates that come from educated consumers getting strong value from their relationship with you.

There are many Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are used to measure the effectiveness of financial education programs. These can be KPIs that measure your brand, the performance of your financial education content or meeting revenue goals. Brand and content performance measures are typically more difficult to assign a value too, especially when they're related to reach and engagement metrics such as website visits and time spent on site.

But most financial education programs are measured by their ability to impact the bottom line, either by improving customer acquisition efforts, upsell and cross-sell initiatives and improving customer retention.

Finding New Customers

Financial education content provides the fuel for driving engagement and interactions that are part of any lead-nurturing initiative. With any considered financial purchase, the customer journey will take place over time, across channels and require numerous interactions. Engagements that are viewed as positive by the financial consumer will help to increase the opportunity for conversion down the road. Engagements that are negative, or don't happen at all because there is no financial education content available to support the potential customer's inquiry, will result in lower conversion rates.

Expanding Relationships

Banks and credit unions are increasingly mining customer data to use to drive cross-sell and upsell marketing initiatives. But to be more effective, those campaigns need to have a financial education content component to drive engagement, discovery and exploration.

Customer Retention

Providing meaningful financial education content throughout the customer relationship can help customers get the most out of their financial products, extract continuous value from their relationship with you and lower attrition rates. Whether educational content is being provided as part of a new account onboarding process or through monthly newsletters or mailings, great content will help build equity in your brand.