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build smarter financial relationships

Financial Consumers Educate Themselves, Discover, Explore and Finally Buy

Engaging meaningfully with financial consumers via online, social and branch channels is a challenging task. In order to acquire new customers, grow relationships and drive retention, it is critical that banks and credit unions provide financial education content that drives discovery, exploration and educates.

Engaging Financial Education Solutions for Your Bank or Credit Union Website

Fintactix provides engaging financial education solutions and tools for financial websites. AdviceSite features articles, calculators, online polls and quizzes that educate consumers on commonplace financial topics. Our Financial Calculators feature slider-based controls, infographic results and an engaging, interactive user interface.

Financial Education Investments Pay Back from Educated Consumers Getting Strong Value from Their Relationship With You

Generating a return on financial education investments comes from increased traffic, higher conversion rates, upsell from engaging customers with educational content that encourages exploration and discovery and lower attrition rates that come from educated consumers getting strong value from their relationship with you.

Fintactix Provides Financial Education Content That Engages and Educates Financial Consumers

Fintactix partners with financial marketers to help them build smarter financial relationships with their customers. Led by a veteran FinTech executive, Fintactix provides financial education solutions that engage and educate financial consumers, nurturing them through their purchase process while building trust in your financial brand.