Financial Wellness Hub

The Fintactix Financial Wellness Hub is a comprehensive platform that empowers banks, credit unions, and other financial service providers to build brand equity, enhance user engagement, and meet Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements. By combining powerful financial calculators, in-depth financial education resources, and tailored financial advice, the hub offers a holistic approach to financial wellness.

Our all-in-one Financial Wellness Hub enables financial institutions to support their customers' financial journeys, providing the tools and knowledge they need to make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals.

The Fintactix Financial Wellness Hub enhances the customer experience and positions banks and credit unions as trusted advisors in the financial landscape. You can explore the individual components of 'The Hub' by hitting the 'Learn more' links below, or visit our demo of The Hub by visiting the demo site via the link in the upper right.

Financial Calculators for Websites

Our financial calculators are ideal for integrating into banks, credit unions, and other financial websites and cover a wide range of personal finance and small business categories and topics. Check them out! They're highly interactive and engaging. Fintactix calculators can help you attract and retain customers, increase engagement, and boost your online reputation.

Financial Advice with AdviceSite

Our financial advice solution provides articles, calculators, interactive quizzes, and video animations supporting financial journeys undertaken by established adults. Banks, credit unions, and others can use AdviceSite to provide engaging financial education content that attracts new customers and deepens relationships with existing ones by providing valuable financial insights and advice.

Financial Education for Customers & Employees

iKnowFi.Academy, our financial education and wellness platform, helps young adults build a foundational level of financial literacy using a complete library of fully digital learning experiences. They'll pass exams and build knowledge. Professor Pennyworth, our AI-based proctor and financial muse, is always available to answer questions and provide guidance.

build smarter financial relationships

Partnering with customers on financial wellness enhances a bank or credit union's marketing strategy by building trust and loyalty. By offering personalized financial guidance and resources, financial institutions can differentiate themselves, foster deeper relationships, and ultimately drive customer retention and acquisition.

Customers who think their primary financial institution supports their financial health have greater levels of:

    • Customer Satisfaction

      Time to Market Icon

    • Time to Market Icon

      3X more likely to be ‘very satisfied’ with their primary financial institution.

    • Customer Loyalty

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    • Integrated Lead Generation Icon

      3X more likely to recommend their primary financial institution and over 2X more likely to continue their relationship with their primary financial institution over the next five years.

    • Cross-Sell and Upsell

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    • Cost Savings Icon

      5X more likely to report interest in purchasing additional products and services and are more likely to hold products and services beyond core checking and saving products.

Source: Financial Health Network, Building Valuable Customer Relationships Through Financial Health 2020

Benefits for Financial Marketers

Financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and other financial service providers, can gain substantial advantages by integrating financial wellness content into their marketing strategies. By offering valuable and informative resources to clients and prospects, your financial institution can foster trust and credibility and engage and empower your audience to make informed financial decisions. In this era of heightened financial awareness, leveraging financial wellness content can enhance customer relationships, build brand loyalty, and establish a reputation for promoting financial well-being.

Explore below how the Wellness Hub can help you reach your marketing goals in the most cost-effective manner possible.

    • Time to Market

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    • Time to Market Icon

      Turnkey libraries offer pre-made, ready-to-use content, saving you time and enabling swift launch of educational campaigns without lengthy content creation processes.

    • Integrated Lead Generation

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    • Integrated Lead Generation Icon

      Wellness Hub implementations can support webforms to capture lead information and calls-to-action that guide consumers to specific sections of your website for further exploration.

    • Cost Savings

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    • Cost Savings Icon

      Creating educational content in-house can be costly, including expenses for writers, designers, and subject matter experts. This cost can be particularly high when interactive content is required.

    • Expertise & Content Quality

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    • Expertise & Content Quality Icon

      The content in the Wellness Hub is designed to guarantee accuracy and relevance, while content libraries uphold a uniform style and tone throughout their materials, preserving a cohesive brand image.

    • Content Variety

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    • Content Variety Icon

      The Wellness Hub offers a diverse selection of personal finance content, spanning various digital media formats such as articles, video animations, calculators, and quizzes.

    • Evergreen Content

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    • Evergreen Content Icon

      While in-house content can become stale, all Wellness Hub content is annually updated to stay accurate and relevant, reflecting current market conditions.

    • Focus on Core Competencies

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    • Focus on Core Competencies Icon

      Leveraging Wellness Hub content empowers financial marketers to focus on customer engagement strategies, including content promotion, brand enhancement, and learning encouragement.

    • Regulatory Compliance

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    • Regulatory Compliance Icon

      The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations, as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), require financial wellness initiatives for consumers.