Auto Calculators

Fintactix auto calculators for bank and credit union websites are highly customizable, responsive and ADA compliant
Before buyers of new or used vehicles move forward with a purchase, they will need answers to specific financial questions related to their vehicle purchase. Help them calculate loan payments, determine how much car they can afford, their best financing options, or whether they should lease or purchase.

Fintactix Auto Calculators can be used on your financial website to help accelerate the purchase decision by answering vital auto-buying questions as consumers on your site move through the purchase process. Once they engage with our Financial Calculators, you can move them into your online application process, or send them to your auto loan pages using Calls to Action, or generate an email lead using our Email Results lead generation capabilities.

Many of our customers also find our Auto Calculators to be useful selling tools for branch associates to use as part of their auto loan sales process. With our auto calculators, you can demonstrate the difference in interest payments over time between two comparable loans, whether your low rate can beat a dealer's cash-back offer, or whether it is advantageous to pick a shorter or longer-term loan. Our Auto Calculators can help make any sales process more consultative and informative.
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