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Fintactix Business Marketing Calculators can help your customers grow their business.
Businesses that are looking to grow are going to place a greater emphasis on marketing. Fintactix Business Marketing Calculators can help your customers grow their business by providing greater insight into the value and return of their different marketing initiatives.

Since marketing expenses are often a substantial income statement line-item for a small business, it is critical that business owners understand how well their marketing programs are working for them. Tracking return on investment for each marketing program is essential so that small business owners know if they are optimizing their marketing budget.

With the advent of the Internet, marketing options are expanding. Small business owners need to know how the performance of email marketing, online advertising or direct mail are impacting their sales pipeline and bottom line and whether one program delivers a better 'bang for the buck' than the others. Providing Fintactix Business Marketing calculators on your website keeps your small business customers coming back to visit again and again, giving you additional opportunities for engagement.
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