Financial Education for Customers & Employees

Fintactix has leveraged its decades of experience helping financial institutions educate their customers to create a solution that can increase financial wellness in the workplace. iKnowFi.Academy, our financial education and wellness platform, helps your employees achieve personal financial growth using engaging digital learning experiences. They'll pass exams and build knowledge. And "Professor Pennyworth," our AI-based proctor and financial muse, is always available to answer questions and provide guidance.

iKnowFi Topic Areas

    • Managing Your Money

      Managing Your Money Icon

    • Managing Your Money Icon

      Includes learning modules on It's Your Money, Banking Basics, Establishing Banking Relationships, and Managing Your Accounts.

    • Financial Building Blocks

      Money Management Icon

    • Money Management Icon

      Includes learning modules on Income, Expenses, and Budgeting and Planning.

    • The Importance of Saving

      Your Home Icon

    • Your Home Icon

      Includes modules on Saving Basics, Where to Put Your Savings, Building an Emergency Fund, and Saving to Reach Your Goals.

    • Establishing Credit

      Retirement Planning Icon

    • Retirement Planning Icon

      Includes modules on Credit Reporting, Your Credit Score, Understanding Your Credit Report, and Building a Credit History.

    • Borrowing Money

      Paying for College Icon

    • Paying for College Icon

      Includes modules on Loan Basics, The Real Cost of Borrowing, Applying for a Loan, and Other Considerations.

    • Managing Your Debt

      Workplace Finances Icon

    • Workplace Finances Icon

      Includes modules on How Debt Works, Reducing Your Debt, Debt Collection, Student Loan Debt, and Medical Debt.

    • Using Credit Cards

      Small Business Icon

    • Small Business Icon

      Includes modules on How Credit Cards Work, Managing Credit Cards, and The World of Credit Cards.

    • Your Financial Future

      Small Business Icon

    • Small Business Icon

      Includes modules on An Introduction to Assets, Investing in Your Education, Investing Basics, and Saving for Retirement.

    • Making Housing Decisions

      Small Business Icon

    • Small Business Icon

      Includes modules on Renting, Home Ownership, Mortgages, and Home Equity & Refinancing.

    • Financial Preparation and Recovery

      Small Business Icon

    • Small Business Icon

      Includes modules on Protecting Your Identity, Protecting Your Assets, Managing Your Tax Burden, Preparing for Disasters, and Making a Financial Recovery.

iKnowFi Financial Wellness Features

Explore the unique aspects of iKnowFi that make it the ideal learning platform for young adults embarking on their journey to financial literacy. Here, you'll discover how our flexible learning experiences, tailored content, diverse digital resources, and innovative support systems work together to provide a comprehensive, engaging, and personalized approach to financial education. Dive into the world of iKnowFi and see how we're revolutionizing how financial literacy is learned and applied.

Flexible Learning Experiences

iKnowFi's platform offers flexible learning experiences, allowing young adults to explore course content in a way that best suits their learning style and pace. Learners are empowered to delve into topics of interest or need, moving freely between basic concepts and advanced topics. Students can allocate more time to challenging areas while breezing through subjects they are already familiar with, creating a personalized and efficient learning journey.

Young Adult Targeted

iKnowFi is the go-to platform for young adults embarking on their financial journey, offering a user-friendly gateway to mastering the fundamentals of financial management. iKnowFi demystifies financial literacy concepts, making it ideal for those just beginning to navigate the complexities of managing their finances.

Blended Digital Media

iKnowFi topics are delivered using various digital educational materials, including articles, videos, presentations, and calculator-based lessons, to cater to diverse learning styles and preferences. These resources are designed to help you build a strong foundation and develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

White-Labeled / Brandable

Each iKnowFi implementation includes a complete site redesign to ensure a cohesive brand experience for your site visitors. This includes replicating your site's navigation, matching your page layouts, complying with style guide requirements such as fonts, color schemes, and other necessary adjustments.

AI-Based Proctor Support

As an A.I., iKnowFi's "Professor Pennyworth" provides 24/7 availability to answer students' questions and provide guidance and support. This level of accessibility can help remove barriers to learning and ensure that students receive the assistance they need whenever they need it.

End-of-Unit Exams

Regular exams help reinforce learning and improve knowledge retention by encouraging students to review and apply the information they've learned. Our end-of-unit exams provide students with personalized feedback on their performance. This feedback helps learners focus on areas that need improvement, ensuring a more targeted and efficient learning experience.

Benefits for Employers

Fintactix is dedicated to championing financial wellness in the workplace. We believe that providing your employees with a robust financial education program is not just a benefit – it's a strategic investment in your company's future. A financially literate workforce is empowered, less stressed, and more productive.

Discover how Fintactix can help you deliver a financial wellness program that aligns with your company's values and objectives. Learn about the tools and resources we offer that can make financial literacy an integral part of your employee development programs.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your employees' financial well-being and fortify the financial health of your entire organization. With Fintactix, you're investing in your most valuable asset: your people. Join us in empowering them with the financial knowledge and skills that lead to a more secure and prosperous future.

    • Employee Well-Being

      Employee Well-Being Icon

    • Employee Well-Being Icon

      Employees acquire crucial financial knowledge, which enhances their capacity to effectively handle their personal finances.

    • Customized Learning Paths

      Customized Learning Paths Icon

    • Customized Learning Paths Icon

      Employees have the flexibility to select financial education topics and modules that match their specific financial objectives.

    • Talent Attraction & Retention

      Talent Attraction & Retention Icon

    • Talent Attraction & Retention Icon

      A comprehensive financial education benefit can appeal to top talent seeking a well-rounded compensation package.

    • Decreased Absenteeism

      Decreased Absenteeism Icon

    • Decreased Absenteeism Icon

      Financial stability can decrease the number of times employees are absent because it lessens the likelihood of emergencies related to money or health-related problems.

    • Increased Productivity

      Increased Productivity Icon

    • Increased Productivity Icon

      Financial wellness programs assist employees in managing their finances, minimizing workplace distractions, and enhances their ability to concentrate on their duties and tasks.

    • Cost Management

      Cost Management Icon

    • Cost Management Icon

      Employees with improved financial well-being are likely to make better healthcare choices, leading to potential reductions in employer healthcare costs.

    • Risk Mitigation

      Risk Mitigation Icon

    • Risk Mitigation

      Employees with financial education are less inclined to partake in hazardous financial activities, thereby decreasing the risk of financial misconduct that could tarnish the company's reputation.

    • Corporate Social Responsibility

      Corporate Social Responsibility Icon

    • Corporate Social Responsibility Icon

      Financial education programs offered by companies can benefit the wider community, thereby improving the company's public image and demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility.