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Fintactix Provides Financial Education Content That Engages and Educates Financial Consumers

Fintactix partners with financial marketers to help them build smarter financial relationships with their customers. Led by a veteran FinTech executive, Fintactix provides financial education solutions that engage and educate financial consumers, nurturing them through their purchase process while building trust in your financial brand.

Fintactix is a financial education solution company that helps financial marketers 'build smarter financial relationships' with financial consumers. Most financial marketing is focused on getting financial consumers to hit the ‘apply’ button. But that approach ignores most other parts of the financial consumer’s considered purchase process. That process requires a more consultative and nurturing strategy that is focused on making financial consumers knowledgeable and comfortable with their decisions and trusting of your financial brand.

Saving properly, not over-extending on credit and making sound decisions are at the heart of most financial consumer’s decision-making goals, yet many financial consumers still lack the financial education to make those smart decisions. In fact, according to a recent 2017 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey conducted by Harris:

“Eight in ten adults (80%) admit they could benefit from additional advice and answers to everyday financial questions and 43% of adults give themselves a grade of C, D, or F on their knowledge of personal finance.”

Fintactix’s financial education solutions can help raise those literacy levels and help both financial consumers and financial marketers build smarter financial relationships.

Financial Education Content and the Considered Purchase Cycle

Financial education content is also an important component of a streamlined considered purchase cycle for financial products. With almost 90% of financial product research occurring online, providing financial education content as a tactical method to help your prospective customers get their financial questions answered makes them comfortable making a financial decision.

Our AdviceSite and Financial Calcluator products are designed to make sometimes complex financial concepts easy to understand and apply to the financial consumer's everyday life. Financing a car purchase, saving to reach a goal, or purchasing a home that is within their means and budget are the types of situations that financial consumers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. And as they deal with these decisions they often look to their financial services provider to help them find the answers.

That’s the role that a financial education solution plays for financial marketers. By integrating Fintactix financial content into your website you become the 'go-to' resource for your customers, building both your brand and smarter financial relationships.

Industry Knowledge

Fintactix is not a technology company. We're focused on developing financial education content and delivering it through engaging, interactive experiences. We hope to deliver creative solutions that allow you to separate your brand from your competitors. But in order to do that, we believe we need to have a strong understanding of your business; how it works and what drives financial decisions for both your internal lending and deposit teams and for financial consumers. We use that knowledge to build financial education content that engages and educates financial consumers so that they make better decisions and you find more educated customers.

Creative Solutions

We've selected our delivery platform so that we're able to use the latest web technologies and design practices to deliver creatively for our customers. Coupling design and technology to enhance the financial learning experience is the focus at Fintactix. If you've got creative ideas on how to deliver financial content, we'd love to hear them and deliver them for you. If you need new ideas, we'd love to work with you and bring some of ours to the table.